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Clipboard History 3.40

Windows clipboard manager with optional cloud synchronization and AES encryption
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Clipboard History is a handy application that enhances the clipboard functionality. The application allows you to store more than one item in you clipboard improving significantly the way your default clipboard works. If you've ever lost an important piece of text after accidentally saving other things in the clipboard, you know how frustrating and limited the clipboard that comes with Windows can be. An application like this can boost your productivity and make your daily work a lot easier.

After a simple installation the application will be ready to work. Every time you copy a piece of text to the clipboard, it will be automatically saved in the application History list. You can store up to twenty clips on this list, giving you the flexibility to work with pieces of text of any length. To see the copied clips all you need to do press a hotkey, which will bring up the 'paste menu' with the items available to paste.

From the system tray icon you can access the configuration window, which consists of two main panels: one saving your clipboard history and the other with a function called Stickies. There you will be able to edit clipboard entries, delete the ones you no longer need, and even move clips up/down in the list according to their priority. Both, History and Stickies, work in the same way, the only difference being that the Stickies panel stores permanent clips, that is, pieces of text that for some reason you need to have always at hand and ready to be pasted into other applications. You can edit existing clips as well, add new ones, and delete the ones you will no longer use.

Right below the History and Stickies section, the application offers some additional options to configure. The Monitor Clipboard option should be enabled if you want the application to save your clipboard changes. You can also tell the app to ignore clips containing certain words or phrases, for that, you only need to type in the words/phrases to ignore and separate them with commas. You can also configure the hotkey that brings up the paste menu. Once it is setup, the application will display the paste menu every time you press the hotkey combination. Additionally, it is also possible to remove trailing spaces, ignore clips of a certain size, specify the number of clips you want the application to save (up to 20), fix broken links or email addresses automatically, and run with the upp with Windows startup.

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